Of course, we watched “We’re going on a bear hunt” over the Christmas period, my son even got the book as a Christmas present, which is well worth a read.

Pre-Christmas we decided to go on our own hunt, a hunt for Fairys. I’d had a tip-off (I can’t reveal my sources) so we headed off to a secret location in search of fairies, my seven-year-old daughter is going through a fairy garden and related paraphernalia phase, so this was right up her street.

As we approached the secret location, it took us quite some time to locate any signs of the fairies, but once we did, it seemed like we discovered a small fairy village!

Check the photos below.

Looked what we found! #faries #fairydoors #fairy

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Fairy hunt

Fairy hunt

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  • Great to get outdoors and explore.


  • Can you find all the doors?