Chicken pox and muddy puddles

My 2-year-old little boy has the dreaded chicken pox! But to be fair to him, he’s dealing with it in an upbeat way.  The only problem is, is the cabin fever, and we’re only into day three out of a probable seven.

I’m a big believer in fresh air doing you the world of good, obviously crowded places are a no-no, so a long walk in the local park is the next best thing. And my bait for getting my son motivated and out of the house. Yep, you guessed it – muddy puddles. The Gruffalo Wellington’s are on and he’s been merrily splashing around in filthy puddles.

This has helped take his mind off scratching his spots and broken the day up from the endless puzzles and Lego tunnel building!

The only drawback is mummy’s face when she sees the wet trousers and socks!

Splashing around. #puddle #splash

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Written by Andy

Andy is a dad of two and business owner from Bournemouth, Dorset in the UK. His hobbies include photography and vintage camera collecting.

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