I will always make transparent any relationships with products or companies.

I am happy to receive relevant and tailored pitches from brands and/or companies who would like me to review their products or services. Email is my preferred method of contact: andy AT googlemail.com or use the contact form provided.

I will consider each request on an individual basis, and will do my best to respond to every enquiry. Every review that I undertake will be written impartially, and products will be fully tested. I’m afraid that in most cases I cannot return products that have been sent to me for review, unless special circumstances apply.

Each review that I write will be additionally shared via my Twitter (@andymerch) 2,800 followers  Pinterest profiles, 600 followers and Instagram page and I will be careful to include a brand mention.

The product and sponsored reviews that I write cover the following areas:

  • Products for daddy’s
  • Products and services for the working dad (and commuter), including geek, gadgets and technology
  • Family days out
  • Early boy and girl school year related products


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